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Shift Your Mind

Shift Your Mind - Brian Levenson on with John Asher

You are a super-prepared salesperson.  You’ve acquired deep knowledge of your products, your markets, your customers – even your competition. In doing so, you’ve placed yourself well ahead of many salespeople who don’t put in the time to be a knowledge giant. Now comes the moment when you launch toward new sales. Will you be able to shift into performance mode like the sales athlete you could be? Or will you settle  for so-so results and waste all that preparation?

This Asher Sales Sense Podcast – “Shift Your Mind” - features host John Asher with guest Brian Levenson, founder of Strong Skills, which provides executive coaching and mental performance coaching and consulting to elite organizations, performers and leaders He has worked with CEOs, professional athletes and teams in the NBA, NHL, and MLS, Division 1 athletic departments, the Federal Reserve, Department of Homeland Security, and many other organizations.

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Developing an eCommerce Strategy is Easier than Ever


eCommerce revenues have grown remarkably over the last decade and in the current environment, online purchases are accelerating exponentially.  According to eCommerce experts, shoppers are spending at least a third of their budgets online.  There are expected to be over two billion digital buyers by the end of next year.  What is your company doing about this?  Do you think eCommerce is too difficult?  Too expensive?  Not a good fit for your products and services?

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How Inferior or Superior Sales Posturing Leads to Lost Sales


If your closing results are soft, maybe it’s something you’ve forgotten how to do. There are three types of sales posturing and only one leads to more closed sales: equal sales posturing.  Stop being a weak apologist or arrogant, buy now or I’m done with you approach. If you don’t appear to be equal to the buyer, you will lose.

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How to Lead a Sales Team in an Economic Downturn


Orders are down. Margins are down. Morale is down. It’s difficult being a field salesperson right now, but it might be even more difficult being a sales leader. Temporary measures are running out and the front office is calling for help. As a sales leader, it’s time to take action to meet your mid-term challenges and position your sales pipeline for the post-Covid environment. What tactics and behaviors should you be considering? And whose advice should you listen to? How about a successful CEO with a proven record of outside sale excellence?

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The Purpose of a Salesperson


In 2019 the Business Roundtable, with the support of nearly 200 CEOs, redefined the purpose of a corporation from serving shareholders to promoting an economy that serves all Americans.

The goal was to encourage businesses to reflect the way corporations can and should operate. Because without sales there is no business, this should be affecting how we view salespeople and how they view themselves. Yet if someone was asked how a salesperson should operate to achieve their purpose, the answer most likely would simply be: “Sell.”

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How to Spend Less Time Researching and More Time Selling


Years ago, John Asher identified a major problem in the shift from prospecting to selling: insufficient research. Many salespeople try to make the first contact with potential buyers without doing the homework necessary to even get a meeting, let alone build rapport. It's frustrating to Google someone or some company and get sent to sites that don't quickly give you what you need. It's especially troublesome when you want to get a contract with a publicly-traded enterprise. So much data, so little help. What if there was a search engine specifically designed for salespeople?

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What Small Business Leaders Can Learn from Billion-Dollar Entrepreneurs


As a small business owner or leader, you’ve got your hands full. You’ve built the company up to where it’s successful, but you’re having trouble breaking through to the next level. You’re spending so much time on budget and personnel issues that your long-range plan is just to try to the end of the week. You feel all alone because you can’t talk to anyone about it. And you’re not sleeping. Wouldn’t it be great to hear advice from business leaders who were in the same place you are and now have billion-dollar enterprises?

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How to Make the Decision to Sell Through Distribution – 11 Minute Podcast with Andrew Chisholm


Are you considering selling through distribution partners? It’s important to know what you’re getting into and hear expert advice before you make a decision. This program is for Presidents and Sales Managers.

What matters most to success in sales through distribution? What skill sets do you look for in distributor sales teams? How do you set the terms of the relationships? What motivates distributor sales reps?  And how can you and your products and services stand out in this environment?  Find out the answers to these questions and more from Andrew Chisholm, CEO, and Founder of OurGumption, on the November 29th Asher Sales Sense podcast: ‘Bringing Sales Success to Distribution Sales Teams'.

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The Five Most Common Mistakes in Sales


If you’re new to sales you’ve quickly discovered it’s a lot harder than it looks. You also could be struggling in your current sales position and don’t know why. Since you’re both professionals either coming to the plate for the first time or in a slump with a low batting average, why not listen to some tips from a professional sales coach? That’s what professional baseball players do. They listen to the advice of coaches and focus on fixing the most common errors. Salespeople would do well to follow such advice.

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The Neuroscience of Leading High-Performance Sales Teams


As a sales leader, the pressure is always on you to get the most out of your team. Even more so in this worrisome environment. But you’ve embraced the optimistic words that adversity can be opportunity. You’ve come up with ideas to help your sales team pivot from dead in the water to full speed ahead, yet you aren’t so sure how to roll them out to your dispirited and concerned sales team members. Consider this. Learning more about neuroscience factors influencing the acceptance or rejection of change can help you lead your sales team to success – even in trying times.

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