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5 Urgent Reasons Why LinkedIn Matters to You and Your Business


As LinkedIn gains power for individuals and companies it continues to shift from its origins as a resume site to a networking behemoth and an advertising platform and a video site. 

Topics covered during the program will include some myths about LinkedIn, common mistakes that are made, and the bare minimum every professional needs to have on their LinkedIn profiles.

Our host for this episode is Kyla O’Connell, Senior Partner and Sales Facilitator at Asher Strategies. Kyla’s guest is Judy Schramm, CEO of ProResource, a marketing agency that specializes in executive branding.

About our guest, Judy Schramm:

Judy Schramm is the CEO of ProResource, a social media agency that helps CEOs and thought leaders create a strong personal presence online and use social media to advance their business goals.

The company has a unique methodology for personal branding that focuses on sharing thought leadership, building an audience, and moving people to action, so clients can grow their businesses faster and make a bigger dent in the universe.

Schramm’s network includes more than 14,000 followers on LinkedIn and 4000 on Twitter. She blogs, speaks often at industry events, has written an ebook and many articles

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Creating Urgency: How to Get Customers to Take Action Faster


Buyer indecision can kill your sales.  Research organizations from Gartner to Forrester indicate sales cycles are getting longer and more complex, and this is creating stress for sales organizations and salespeople.  Why do customers procrastinate in making buying decisions, and what can you do about it?

The July 4th Asher Sales Sense Podcast “Creating Urgency: How to Get Customers to Take Action Faster” with host John Asher features Mike Schmidtmann, Peer Group Facilitator, Business Coach and producer of the award-winning Trans4mers webinar series.  After building IT Sales organizations for 25 years, Mike now works with owners and managers to help them grow their businesses more effectively by teaching innovative practices to hire great people, win new business, and improve profits.

This Asher Sales Sense session with Mike Schmidtmann digs into the causes of indecision and offers tangible ways to create urgency for customers to take action quickly.  Listeners will learn the root causes of buyer procrastination, ways to create urgency for action, and how to “pull” rather than “push” customer decisions.  Why do buyers procrastinate?  What do salespeople do wrong?  And what are the most powerful motivators for action?  Tune in on July 4th to find answers to these and other urgent sales questions and get your customers lined up for action.

About John's guest:

Mike Schmidtmann coaches business owners and sales leaders for Solution Providers across the USA.  He works to drive results in sales recruiting, new business development, and profitability.

Mike led sales for Inacom Communications for ten years.  He then founded and built a $30 Million business unit for SPS covering five states.  His company was listed as the #1 Telecommunications Reseller three years in a row by the Washington Business Journal.  In 2005, he was honored by Avaya for making the largest competitive win-back sale in the United States. 

Mike produces the award-winning Trans4mers webinar series on IT sales and management subjects.  He contributes content for IT channel publications and is a frequent public speaker on business and sales topics.

Are You Running Your Business or is Your Business Running You?


Years ago you had a bright idea and started a new business.  It was great being your own boss and your company grew quickly. Then the fun stopped. Your growth, scale, and success plateaued. Your bright idea is still good, your market is still robust, and you have a whole team of people around you to get things done. How can you get unstuck?

The June 20th Asher Sales Sense Podcast “Are You Running Your Business or is Your Business Running You?” with host Kyla O’Connell features Beth Berman, Professional Entrepreneurial Operating System Implementer, and CEO and Founder of the Compellications Consultancy. Beth gives small and medium size business owners the strategies, tactics, and guided implementation they need to generate results.

What are the key frustrations of many business leaders? What are the three most important things leaders and owners need to master in order to move their businesses to the next level? How do you attract, retain and inspire people and create accountability around achieving your vision and goals?  Which key issue is common to just about every business?  Tune in on June 20th and find answers to these and other compelling questions and get your company back in the fast lane.

About our guest:

Beth Berman, an internationally recognized Speaker and Facilitator, loves optimizing leaders and teams. A professional EOS® - The Entrepreneurial Operating System Implementer, Beth helps entrepreneurial companies gain the traction needed for growth and scale.  Using this proven system, Beth helps leaders get clear on where they are going; execute on their vision with discipline and accountability; and become healthy, open cohesive leadership teams. 

Despite her diminutive size, Beth commands the attention of even the toughest room with her charm, command, and insight. This powerful presence has been honed over years of facilitating; for her own companies, for clients, and for peer groups.  After a successful career in B-to-B Sales and Marketing, exceeding quotas for the company’s top multimillion-dollar accounts, Beth left to do what she was meant to do – facilitate. As Partner in a Recruiting and Job Search Coaching business, she helped her company navigate the complexities of a post-Financial Crisis business landscape.  Beth launched her consultancy, Compellications™, to help entrepreneurial companies craft their messaging and align their teams. 

As Beth worked with clients, a common theme among the most successful ones emerged: they all used EOS to run their businesses. Beth is on a mission to bring EOS®, and her communications/team building skills to help growth-driven leaders create better businesses and reclaim their lives.

Beth served as Chapter Communications Chair for the Exit Planning Exchange. She has delivered highly rated, dynamic presentations and workshops to Vistage, Wells Fargo, XPX, National Association for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners (NABOE), COO Forum, CEO Focus, the American Marketing Association as well as numerous conferences, leadership seminars, and client organizations.


What Sales Professionals Need to Know About Executive Compensation


What does executive compensation have to do with the sales profession? Just about everything. If you are serious about your sales career you need to know how compensation is structured and how it affects your sales goals and company growth. What are the different types? Who gets what kind of plan? What are some of the reward programs that are most effective in attracting and retaining the best talent? And what does all this mean to your future as you increase in job responsibility?

The June 6th Asher Sales Sense Podcast “What Sales Professionals Need to Know About Executive Compensation” with host John Asher features Mark Bronfman, Private Wealth Advisor with Sagemark Consulting/Lincoln Financial Advisors. His BOLD Value Team focuses on executive compensation, equity strategies, and exit and legacy planning primarily for business owners and boards for middle market companies in the range of $25M to $2B in revenue.

How much do business owners tend to share with their key executives? What do sales executives do if they want to understand their company’s reward structure and find out if they may be eligible? How many successful sales executives position themselves to gain rewards beyond commissions? Tune in on June 6th and find answers to these and other compensation-related questions and get yourself on the upward track to sales career success.

About our guest:

Mark Bronfman proudly serves as a private wealth advisor with Sagemark Consulting/Lincoln Financial Advisors in Tysons, Va. Within Sagemark, Mark founded the BOLD Value team in 2005. 

His team is dedicated to High-Performance Succession for business owners. He focuses on the vital issues of leadership succession and capital succession including executive compensation, equity strategies, and exit & legacy planning.

His team is known to be especially deep and strategic in synthetic equity, entity strategies, profits interests, retirement planning, corporate benefits, estate planning, and investment planning. 

Prior to joining Sagemark, Mark was a strategic partnership with Accenture. Mark earned his MBA at the University of Virginia, B.S. at Penn State is a certified business exit consultant and is a non-practicing CPA. Mark and his family live in Bethesda, Maryland. 

How a Sales Training Company Sells


How do professional sales training companies sell sales training?  The best ones use the same sales processes they offer to own prospects and clients.  If their sales processes didn’t work, they couldn’t stay ahead of their competitors. Like every other business, in the crowded sales training market space, nothing happens without a sale.

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Brand Big: The Laws Leaders Use to Win


Branding is more important than ever.  Many people claim they understand what branding means.  But then why do so many people get it wrong?  There are headlines every day where some person or company stumbles and fails to stand out, stay relevant and win the branding game. 

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Goal Setting for Results: Close Deals Faster


It’s now one-third of the way into 2019.  How are you coming along on those personal and professional goals you set for yourself at the first of the year? Not so great, huh?  Well, you’re not alone. Few of us make real progress on our goals because we don’t set ourselves up for success. We ignore the process and leave the content in the wish list.

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This Stuff Really Works: We Practice What We Teach


How do professional sales training companies sell sales training?  The best ones use the same sales processes they offer to own prospects and clients.  If their sales processes didn’t work, they couldn’t stay ahead of their competitors. Like every other business, in the crowded sales training market space, nothing happens without a sale.

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Capitalizing on the Science of Selling


How is your sales career going?  What about a guy who started out as an entry-level technician for ten years at AT&T, promoted to account executive, and was the highest producer out of 1,100 salespeople. Then promoted to sales manager and received numerous sales honors and awards. His ability to manage difficult situations gained him distinction within the Bell System, and made him a frequent speaker at AT&T sales schools.

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Why Outsourcing Sales Management for Small Companies Increases Sales


Maybe it’s time to get some outside help. Finding your New Year’s sales projections already flatter than you hoped for? Doing all you know how to do with the personnel and financial resources? 

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