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If you think LinkedIn doesn’t matter for your business, here’s why you’re wrong.


Our host for this episode is Kyla O’Connell, Senior Partner and Sales Facilitator at Asher Strategies.  Kyla’s guest is Judy Schramm, CEO of ProResource, a marketing agency that specializes in executive branding. Topics covered during the program will include some myths about LinkedIn, common mistakes that are made, and the bare minimum every professional needs to have on their LinkedIn profiles.

About our guest, Judy Schramm:

Judy Schramm is the CEO of ProResource, a social media agency that helps CEOs and thought leaders create a strong personal presence online and use social media to advance their business goals.

The company has a unique methodology for personal branding that focuses on sharing thought leadership, building an audience, and moving people to action, so clients can grow their businesses faster and make a bigger dent in the universe.

Schramm’s network includes more than 14,000 followers on LinkedIn and 4000 on Twitter. She blogs, speaks often at industry events, has written an ebook and many articles

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Accelerate Sales by Automating Your Marketing



The Internet has turned the flow of information between sellers and buyers completely up-side down. Gone are the days when sales people controlled the conversation and the exchange of information.  You might have great solutions and distinct advantages over your competitors, but if you can’t get out in front of them you can’t get the sales you need. Too many companies spend too much time and money on digital tools and platforms with little in return to show for it. Today’s marketers and sellers need the right tools and processes in order to close deals faster.  There’s an art to this digital craft and John Edwards has great tips and ideas for how you can “Accelerate Sales by Automating Your Marketing.” What are the latest trends and emerging technologies in the marketing and sales arena?  What are the single most important things you should focus on to make your company findable?  How can you get digital platforms to work together seamlessly? Learn the answers to these questions plus more during the upcoming episode of the “Asher Sales Sense” podcast on Asher Strategies Radio.

About our guest, John Edwards:

John is a marketing, sales and consulting professional with over 25 years of experience at leading organizations such as Time Warner, AOL, Netscape, CompuServe, and Communica. 

As Executive Vice President with Communica, he helps direct digital marketing and sales initiatives for both B2B and B2C clients. Areas of focus include strategic consulting, digital tools and platform integration (including marketing automation, CRM, and social media), as well as content development expertise - all designed to accelerate marketing and sales. 

He works with companies across a broad range of industries including manufacturing, media, telecommunications, consumer products, e-commerce, healthcare, professional and financial services, and more.  He’s often called on to help clients develop and implement sales best-practices and processes.

John is Marketing Skills (A/B/C) and CRM-Field Marketing Certified through the Business Marketing Institute, and has also been an active angel investor, entrepreneur, and advisor working with portfolio companies at the Ohio Tech Angel Fund, 10x Accelerator, TechColumbus, and others.

The Top 5 Things Sales Pros Must Be Doing to Be Successful Today



If you're in sales in today's super competitive market spaces, you're working hard just to keep up and stay even.  What if you could quickly access expert advice on how to accelerate your sales process? Would that be worth a little of your time? Tune in to the next episode of "Asher Sales Sense" on Thursday September 20th at 3PM Eastern. Master Sales Coach Kyla O'Connell is interviewing Fred Diamond on “The Top Five Things Sales Pros Must Be Doing to Be Successful Today." Fred was a top marketing consultant for Microsoft and Oracle before he started the Institute for Excellence in Sales (IES), a popular and trusted forum for sales training, programs and services. The IES connects top sales speakers, authors and trainers with sales leaders to help selling professionals become more successful. Learn what Fred thinks are the top things you could be doing – now – to get the sales results you've only dreamed about.

About our guest, Fred Diamond:

Fred Diamond is the cofounder and president of the Institute for Excellence in Sales (IES) based in Washington DC. The IES is the premier organization devoted to helping sales leaders hire, retain and motivate top tier sales talent.
Under Fred's leadership, IES has become the industry's trusted partner for sales training, speakers, programs, and services. Fred is also the host of the popular Sales Game Changers podcast.
The IES connects the top sales speakers, authors, and trainers in the world to sales leaders. IES also helps organizations determine the best sales training partner to engage with and run sales training programs for them.
Many people knew Fred as a world-class marketing consultant to companies such as Microsoft and Oracle before he started the IES.
His motto, "Marketing that doesn't lead to revenue reward is a huge waste of time and money" demonstrated that it's about accelerating the sales process.