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Post-Pandemic Cold Calling

Nancy Calabrese on Asher Sales Sense, hosted by John Asher of Asher Strategies!


One thing that stayed consistent during the past year is cold calling. It still works. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. It worked before the pandemic and during the pandemic. Have you noticed that a phone call can sometimes be better than a virtual meeting with video? There are fewer distractions and more focused communication. It’s why podcasts can be more compelling than videos. Properly done, cold calling brings in sales.


This Asher Sales Sense Podcast – “Post-Pandemic Cold Calling” features host John Asher with guest Nancy Calabrese, Founder and CEO of One of a Kind Sales, offering comprehensive lead generation and sales management services for increased sales and business growth. Nancy is passionate about a properly executed pre-sales process – engaging with prospects, uncovering their needs, and turning them into qualified leads. Her unique approach, positive attitude, and relentless attention to detail are derived from her experience in recruiting. Her new book, “The Inside Sales Solution” is available through Amazon.

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