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The Power of Sleep for Business and Sales Leaders

Bob Martel joins John Asher on this episode of Asher Sales sense podcast, from ASHER Strategies!


You’re a busy business professional and know you aren’t getting enough sleep. You have limited time and too much on your mind and think you can sleep when you retire. But what if you were able to get more sleep, be more successful in your job, and have a much better chance at retiring early? There are techniques that can help you get the best sleep out of the time you have.

This Asher Sales Sense Podcast - “The Power of Sleep for Business and Sales Leaders” - features host John Asher with guest Bob Martel, professional sleep coach and head of Positive Results Hypnosis in Holden, Massachusetts. Bob is the author of “I am Sleeping Now: How to Fall Asleep, Stay Asleep and Wake Up Refreshed” and the host of the weekly “Mind Magic Radio” show on WCRN talk radio.

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