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What Sales Professionals Need to Know About Executive Compensation

June 3, 2019


What does executive compensation have to do with the sales profession? Just about everything. If you are serious about your sales career you need to know how compensation is structured and how it affects your sales goals and company growth. What are the different types? Who gets what kind of plan? What are some of the reward programs that are most effective in attracting and retaining the best talent? And what does all this mean to your future as you increase in job responsibility?

The June 6th Asher Sales Sense Podcast “What Sales Professionals Need to Know About Executive Compensation” with host John Asher features Mark Bronfman, Private Wealth Advisor with Sagemark Consulting/Lincoln Financial Advisors. His BOLD Value Team focuses on executive compensation, equity strategies, and exit and legacy planning primarily for business owners and boards for middle market companies in the range of $25M to $2B in revenue.

How much do business owners tend to share with their key executives? What do sales executives do if they want to understand their company’s reward structure and find out if they may be eligible? How many successful sales executives position themselves to gain rewards beyond commissions? Tune in on June 6th and find answers to these and other compensation-related questions and get yourself on the upward track to sales career success.

About our guest:

Mark Bronfman proudly serves as a private wealth advisor with Sagemark Consulting/Lincoln Financial Advisors in Tysons, Va. Within Sagemark, Mark founded the BOLD Value team in 2005. 

His team is dedicated to High-Performance Succession for business owners. He focuses on the vital issues of leadership succession and capital succession including executive compensation, equity strategies, and exit & legacy planning.

His team is known to be especially deep and strategic in synthetic equity, entity strategies, profits interests, retirement planning, corporate benefits, estate planning, and investment planning. 

Prior to joining Sagemark, Mark was a strategic partnership with Accenture. Mark earned his MBA at the University of Virginia, B.S. at Penn State is a certified business exit consultant and is a non-practicing CPA. Mark and his family live in Bethesda, Maryland.