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Sales and Incentives in the New Economy

September 29, 2019


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In the new economy, business leaders are challenged to find the right kind of talent and get it distributed throughout their entire organizations. The old economy featured public companies offering products, lengthy careers, talent at the top, long-range plans, and annual performance reviews. The new economy features private companies offering services, composite careers, talent throughout, fast-moving markets, and performance reviews on demand. It’s a seismic shift that requires the most out of sales professionals. How are you going to compensate them? How are you going to make them happy and keep them?

The October 3 rd Asher Sales Sense Podcast "Sales Incentives in the New Economy" with host John Asher features Mark Bronfman, Private Wealth Advisor with Sagemark Consulting/Lincoln Financial Advisors. His BOLD Value Team focuses on executive compensation, equity strategies, and exit and legacy planning primarily for business owners and boards for middle-market companies in the range of $25M to $2B in revenue. Successful sales professionals are now more than ever the eyes and ears of their companies and essential to the development of competitive solutions. How do they expect to be compensated beyond base pay? What are some surprising strategic incentives now being offered? Can a salesperson find happiness in the new economy? Where does money fall in the pecking order of what young and talented new hires want? Tune in on October 3rd to find answers to these and other important questions. It’s a conversation both business leaders and sales professionals need to hear.

About John's guest:

Mark Bronfman proudly serves as a private wealth advisor with Sagemark Consulting/Lincoln Financial Advisors in Tysons, Va. Within Sagemark, Mark founded the BOLD Value team in 2005. 

His team is dedicated to High-Performance Succession for business owners. He focuses on the vital issues of leadership succession and capital succession including executive compensation, equity strategies, and exit, and legacy planning. His team is known to be especially deep and strategic in synthetic equity, entity strategies, profits interests, retirement planning, corporate benefits, estate planning, and investment planning. Prior to joining Sagemark, Mark was a strategy partner with Accenture. Mark earned his MBA at the University of Virginia, B.S. at Penn State, and is a certified business exit consultant and is a non-practicing CPA. Mark and his family live in Bethesda, Maryland.


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