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Revolutionize HOW You Work for Maximum Efficiency and Better, Faster Results

September 15, 2019


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With too much to do, too many emails and too little time, it can be a struggle to finish projects, meet deadlines and get results on time and on target. Many professionals are working reactively and at a rapid pace, just trying to keep up, which often brings feelings of stress, frustration and overwhelm.

This kind of workday is pervasive and persistent and sadly believed by many to be unchangeable. In addition, a faulty assumption is often made that everyone knows how to manage their day efficiently, effectively and productively, but not everyone does… and it’s often left to chance. But this can be a costly mistake. 

The September 19th Asher Sales Sense Podcast is “Revolutionize HOW You Work for Maximum Efficiency and Better, Faster Results.” Host Kyla O’Connell and guest Leslie Shreve talk about the part of the workday that is often overlooked and left to chance—but shouldn’t be. It’s the missing piece that can help you get things done faster and easier, make more progress, reduce stress and gain a competitive edge—both for you and your company.

Leslie Shreve is a workload management and productivity expert, and the Founder and CEO of Productive Day®.  She is also the creator of Taskology® The Science of Getting Things Done.  For more than 13 years, Leslie worked in corporate office environments before establishing Productive Day in 2003. Since then, Leslie has taught hundreds of clients from more than forty different industries how to use a workday strategy that WORKS so professionals can gain more clarity, confidence, and control in their workday.  As a result, clients become more efficient, productive and proactive, as well as strategic, creative and innovative.

When you listen in to this podcast, you’ll learn…

  1. What you don’t know about how you’re working and why it’s costing you.
  2. How to gain more clarity, confidence, and control in your workday.
  3. The two most effective ways to gain more time in your day.
  4. Why the email flag is failing you and what to do instead.
  5. The most important driver of productivity, progress, and achievement.

Tune in on September 19th to find out how to work most efficiently, effectively and productively with tasks, time and email and learn why it’s so ESSENTIAL to use a workday strategy that WORKS so you can accelerate achievement and make more meaningful, powerful progress on the projects and initiatives that matter the most to you and to the future of your company.


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