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Rethinking LinkedIn - Judy Schramm

December 2, 2018

LinkedIn Matters More than Ever - Judy Schramm

Kyla O’Connell, Senior Partner and Sales Facilitator at Asher Strategies is the host for this episode.  Kyla’s guest is Judy Schramm, CEO of ProResource, a marketing agency that specializes in executive branding. Topics covered during the program will include some myths about LinkedIn, common mistakes that are made, and the bare minimum every professional needs to have on their LinkedIn profiles.

About our guest, Judy Schramm:

20181115-asher-judy-schramm.jpgJudy Schramm is the CEO of ProResource, a social media agency that helps CEOs and thought leaders create a strong personal presence online and use social media to advance their business goals.

The company has a unique methodology for personal branding that focuses on sharing thought leadership, building an audience, and moving people to action, so clients can grow their businesses faster and make a bigger dent in the universe.

Schramm’s network includes more than 14,000 followers on LinkedIn and 4000 on Twitter. She blogs, speaks often at industry events, has written an ebook and many articles

About ProResource

A Marketing Agency that Specializes in Executive Branding

ProResource is a marketing agency that specializes in personal branding – not corporate or product branding, like most agencies.

We help technology entrepreneurs, CEOs, thought leaders, sales executives and lawyers define a strong personal brand online, with a dynamic and engaging social media presence that allows people to see the depth of their expertise, builds trust, and creates opportunities for quality conversations.

Over the past 10 years we have developed a methodology for creating a strong personal brand for our clients, with a set of defined processes that allows our team of 15 to work efficiently and ensure quality while still allowing the result to be customized for each client.

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