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Learn the 3 Things Leaders Master for Growth, Scale, and Success - Beth Berman 5 Minute Podcast

October 24, 2019

Beth Berman - Compellications Consultancy on Asher Sales Sense

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This program is an extract with guest Beth Berman from the program, Are You Running Your Business or is Your Business Running You?  In this portion of the program, Beth discusses says, “At the highest level when we look at a business, there are three main areas that we look at and can strengthen in order to have a business grow and scale. And they're interdependent. The three are vision, traction and healthy.”  

About the Original Program

Years ago, you had a bright idea and started a new business.  It was great being your own boss and your company grew quickly. Then the fun stopped. Your growth, scale, and success plateaued. Your bright idea is still good, your market is still robust, and you have a whole team of people around you to get things done. How can you get unstuck?

The Asher Sales Sense Podcast “Are You Running Your Business or is Your Business Running You?” with host Kyla O’Connell features Beth Berman, Professional Entrepreneurial Operating System Implementer, and CEO and Founder of the Compellications Consultancy. Beth gives small and medium-size business owners the strategies, tactics, and guided implementation they need to generate results.

What are the key frustrations of many business leaders? What are the three most important things leaders and owners need to master in order to move their businesses to the next level? How do you attract, retain and inspire people and create accountability around achieving your vision and goals?  Which key issue is common to just about every business?  Tune in on June 20th and find answers to these and other compelling questions and get your company back in the fast lane.

About our guest:

Beth Berman, an internationally recognized Speaker and Facilitator, loves optimizing leaders and teams. A professional EOS® - The Entrepreneurial Operating System Implementer, Beth helps entrepreneurial companies gain the traction needed for growth and scale.  Using this proven system, Beth helps leaders get clear on where they are going; execute on their vision with discipline and accountability; and become healthy, open cohesive leadership teams. 

Despite her diminutive size, Beth commands the attention of even the toughest room with her charm, command, and insight. This powerful presence has been honed over years of facilitating; for her own companies, for clients, and for peer groups.  After a successful career in B-to-B Sales and Marketing, exceeding quotas for the company’s top multimillion-dollar accounts, Beth left to do what she was meant to do – facilitate. As Partner in a Recruiting and Job Search Coaching business, she helped her company navigate the complexities of a post-financial Crisis business landscape.  Beth launched her consultancy, Compellications™, to help entrepreneurial companies craft their messaging and align their teams. 

As Beth worked with clients, a common theme among the most successful ones emerged: they all used EOS to run their businesses. Beth is on a mission to bring EOS®, and her communications/team-building skills to help growth-driven leaders create better businesses and reclaim their lives.

Beth served as Chapter Communications Chair for the Exit Planning Exchange. She has delivered highly-rated, dynamic presentations and workshops to Vistage, Wells Fargo, XPX, National Association for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners (NABOE), COO Forum, CEO Focus, the American Marketing Association as well as numerous conferences, leadership seminars, and client organizations.


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