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John Asher’s Third Factor for Success for an Elite Salesperson 6 Minute Podcast

March 25, 2020


Are product knowledge, personality, and persistence enough to make an elite salesperson?  Not really. Without sales skills, well-meaning but skill-less salespeople will flounder. In the episode, John Asher talks about the need to have superior skills, ten of them in fact, to be an elite salesperson.

This program is an extract from the March 5th Asher Sales Sense Podcast is “Five Factors for Success in Sales: The Secrets to Becoming an Elite Salesperson” with John Asher.

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About John Asher

Asher discusses his explanation of the Asher Method he’s developed to help salespeople close deals faster. John is the CEO of Asher Strategies, a Washington DC-based business providing sales advisory services to clients from startups to Fortune 500 companies. In his US Navy career, John was a submarine commander and manager of a $2 billion combat systems program. In his second career, he co-founded an engineering services company that grew at a compound rate of 42% for 14 straight years. John and his current enterprise provide sales aptitude assessments, sales training, and sales process improvement workshops globally. John is the author of Close Deals Faster and The Neuroscience of Selling, available through Amazon.

This Asher Sales Sense session covers how John Asher uncovered the five essential factors to success in sales. What are they? Do you have any control over them? Which ones are most important? How do they relate to each other? Are there any tools that can help you achieve the kind of sales success that can make you the sales team hero? Tune in on March 5th and find out how you, too, can unlock secrets to closing deals faster. 

Asher Sales Sense is hosted by John Asher and Kyla O’Connell of ASHER Strategies which is a program on the Funnel Radio Channel.  ASHER Strategies is the sponsor of ASHER Sales Sense. 

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