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Harnessing Neuro-Linguistic Programming to Reframe Price Objections

March 16, 2020


Let’s demystify Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) so we can sell more stuff. NLP has an imposing name, but it’s not really rocket science. It’s only “brain language” and knowing how to communicate with it can elevate your sales game to the elite level - especially if you combine it with practical applications. Price objections, for example.  You can use NLP to shift the customer conversation from price to value. And what salesperson doesn’t want to do that?

The March 19th Asher Sales Sense Podcast, “Harnessing Neuro-Linguistic Programming to Reframe Price Objections” with host Kyla O’Connell features Dr. Flynn Bucy, Managing Director of the Bucy Group in the Washington DC Metro area. The Bucy Group provides strategic consulting, change management, and organizational capacity building to develop foresight, agility, and resilience in times of rapid growth and change. Founder Dr. Flynn Bucy is a leader in changing mindsets to increase performance. Bucy Group consultants bring together a wide range of expertise to solve complex problems.

What exactly is NLP? What are fundamental NLP skills? What does the term “reframe” mean in the sales environment? What are two very useful reframes employed in changing customer viewpoints without challenging them directly? And what are three great takeaways salespeople can immediately use to overcome price objections? Tune in on March 19th to hear Dr. Bucy’s answers to these questions so you can get out there and close deals faster.


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