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Creating Urgency: How to Get Customers to Take Action Faster

July 1, 2019


Buyer indecision can kill your sales.  Research organizations from Gartner to Forrester indicate sales cycles are getting longer and more complex, and this is creating stress for sales organizations and salespeople.  Why do customers procrastinate in making buying decisions, and what can you do about it?

The July 4th Asher Sales Sense Podcast “Creating Urgency: How to Get Customers to Take Action Faster” with host John Asher features Mike Schmidtmann, Peer Group Facilitator, Business Coach and producer of the award-winning Trans4mers webinar series.  After building IT Sales organizations for 25 years, Mike now works with owners and managers to help them grow their businesses more effectively by teaching innovative practices to hire great people, win new business, and improve profits.

This Asher Sales Sense session with Mike Schmidtmann digs into the causes of indecision and offers tangible ways to create urgency for customers to take action quickly.  Listeners will learn the root causes of buyer procrastination, ways to create urgency for action, and how to “pull” rather than “push” customer decisions.  Why do buyers procrastinate?  What do salespeople do wrong?  And what are the most powerful motivators for action?  Tune in on July 4th to find answers to these and other urgent sales questions and get your customers lined up for action.

About John's guest:

Mike Schmidtmann coaches business owners and sales leaders for Solution Providers across the USA.  He works to drive results in sales recruiting, new business development, and profitability.

Mike led sales for Inacom Communications for ten years.  He then founded and built a $30 Million business unit for SPS covering five states.  His company was listed as the #1 Telecommunications Reseller three years in a row by the Washington Business Journal.  In 2005, he was honored by Avaya for making the largest competitive win-back sale in the United States. 

Mike produces the award-winning Trans4mers webinar series on IT sales and management subjects.  He contributes content for IT channel publications and is a frequent public speaker on business and sales topics.