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Mastering the Three Weakest Selling Skills

January 26, 2020


The Asher Method’s Top Ten Selling Skills have helped thousands of salespeople achieve their sales and professional goals. Like any process, however, some steps can be more challenging than others. What are the three weakest – most difficult – sales skills that salespeople struggle with? If you listened closely to a sales expert give you tips on how could master these, could it make a difference in your sales performance, bonuses, and overall happiness with life? You bet it would.

The January 30th Asher Sales Sense Podcast is “Mastering the Three Weakest Selling Skills” with Asher Strategies Studio director Dave Potts interviewing show co-host Kyla O’Connell,  Senior Partner and Sales Facilitator at Asher Strategies. Kyla shares what she’s learned about these three most challenging selling skills during years of successful sales coaching and working inside companies bringing out the best in their sales talent.

What are the three weakest selling skills and why does mastering them matter so much? What are some examples of how salespeople struggle with them? What warning flags should you look for in your current approaches? What adjustments can you make to greatly improve your success rate with these skills?  une in on January 30th to find the answers to these and other questions and kick your sales game up to elite level.

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