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8 Minute Wake Up Call to Sales and Marketing: You are no longer in control.

December 23, 2019


This is an excerpt from an episode in October. Here's the punchline: What's the cost of doing nothing? Is it something that I can just ignore? Probably more specifically, the question that should be asked is, what if I don't do anything about this but my competitors are doing it? Well, you're all competing for the same buyers.

If your competitor knows what their buyers are doing, when they're doing it, getting the right information that they need at the right time, they're tracking them, they're engaging their salespeople at the right moment, and all of that is invisible to you. Then I think what you find is you've just woken up in a world where not just that the buyer is in charge but that your competitor is in charge too. That's probably not a place that you want to be."

Kyla O'Connell interviews John Edwards, Executive Vice President at Communica.

You can listen to the full episode here >


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