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Goal Setting for Results: Close Deals Faster


It’s now one-third of the way into 2019.  How are you coming along on those personal and professional goals you set for yourself at the first of the year? Not so great, huh?  Well, you’re not alone. Few of us make real progress on our goals because we don’t set ourselves up for success. We ignore the process and leave the content in the wish list.

The May 2nd Asher Sales Sense Podcast “Goal Setting for Results: Close Deals Faster” with host John Asher features Shawn Doyle, professional speaker, author, and executive coach. Shawn shares his experience from decades of work in the world of corporate personal and professional development and his current focus on helping business leaders grow their companies and themselves.

Does goal setting really pay off? Is it important to write goals down? What do most people miss in the process? What can make goal setting more effective and powerful? Tune in on May 2nd and find the answers to these and other goal-related questions that will bring you more of whatever it is you’re looking to achieve.

About our guest:

Shawn Doyle, CSP is a professional speaker, author, and Executive Coach. Author of 22 books, several which have been Amazon #1 bestsellers and four are now being translated in ten languages. As a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) Shawn’s passion is to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives, helping them live to their full potential both at work and home as they go through this thing called life.

Shawn has worked three decades in the world of personal and professional development and before starting his own company, was Vice President of Learning and Development at Comcast and was the co-founder of Comcast’s Corporate University. Some of Shawn’s clients include Microsoft, Pfizer, Comcast, Zippo, Lockheed Martin, NBC, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Guideposts, ABC, Disney, Kraft, Charter, The Ladders, IBM and the U.S. Marines.

Shawn lives in the beautiful rolling hills of southeastern Pennsylvania, made known by Andrew Wythe’s landscape paintings along with his wife, Rachael.

Using NLP to Get The Prospect to Pull The Trigger - A Podcast with Ramzy Ayachi & John Asher


Have you ever heard of neuro-linguistic programming, commonly referred to as NLP? Neuro stands for brain, linguistic refers to language, and programming is how neural language functions.

What if there were special NLP techniques that could help you crush those 2019 sales goals? On this Asher Sales Sense Podcast, Marine Corps veteran and Master NLP Practitioner Ramzy Ayachi will discuss “Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming to Close Deals Faster.” Ramzy is an expert in real life situations where he had to use mind strength to survive. Now his passion is equipping salespeople and others in high stress occupations with mental skills not only to survive, but to thrive. Listen in and learn how you can become an unstoppable sales success machine.

About Ramzy Ayachi

Peak Performance Associates Director of Training Ramzy Ayachi is a Board-Certified Hypnotist, Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, a Certified Master Trainer for Hypnosis and NLP, and Marine veteran. He’s our team’s secret weapon!

With over two decades of leadership experience in the "trenches", while serving as an active duty Marine honing his own style of leadership and mastering the practical psychology of human performance behavior, Ramzy is an expert from real life personal and professional challenges, not just theory. He found himself in multiple and difficult life situations and finding his way out became a “must”, not just a “nice to have”. His unique skill is to equip his clients with the reproducible science of achievement.

Ramzy knows what works and what doesn’t and works together with his clients to facilitate change. He believes we all have room for growth and that knowing is the enemy of learning. Ramzy has seen it and done it, succeeded, failed, and succeeded again, mastering the art and science of achievement. Whether providing one-on-one services, leading a workshop, training professionals, Ramzy is a charismatic and highly-effective coach. A natural teacher, mentor, and trainer, Ramzy instinctually and expertly guides individuals and groups to deep, powerful change.

His successes include top-level executives, sales leaders and teams, political appointees, congressional representatives, federal service and military, defense contractors, couples, and professional athletes with issues ranging from eliminating unhealthy sales team dynamics, eradicating limiting beliefs of sales personnel, and reinforcing a culture of excellence within an organization. 



Asher Sales Sense is sponsored by Asher Strategies 

ASHER Strategies Has Improved Sales for Thousands of Companies.



Getting Breakthrough Sales Growth with Fractional Sales Leaders


Finding your new year’s sales projections already flatter than you hoped for?  Doing all you know how to do with the personnel and financial resources?  Maybe it’s time to get some outside help.  Everything is easier if you know how and the upcoming Asher Sales Sense Podcast might just be the answer you’ve been looking for to help you accelerate your sales. Join host John Asher and guest Chris Tully in their discussion on getting breakthrough sales growth with fractional sales leaders.  Chris is Outsourced Chief Sales Officer for Sales Xceleration, planning and executing revenue strategies for mid-sized growth-oriented companies in high-potential commercial and federal markets. He’s also a business advisor to the Association for Enterprise Growth, helping C-level executives and owners of small to mid-size companies achieve their business objectives.

Topics covered during the program will include: using a fractional or part time VP of sales from an outside company to achieve breakthrough sales results; knowing the leadership skills a sales leader needs in order to be successful; and helping companies develop repeatable, effective sale processes. 

Listen in and get some new ideas on how to blow through your sales objectives!


Asher Sales Sense is sponsored by Asher Strategies 

ASHER Strategies Has Improved Sales for Thousands of Companies.

Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming to Close Deals Faster


For 2019, salespeople will have both challenge and opportunity. The challenge is meeting that ever-increasing sales goal. The opportunity is a chance to reinvent yourself into a super salesperson. Have you ever heard of neuro-linguistic programming, commonly referred to as NLP? Neuro stands for brain, linguistic refers to language, and programming is how neural language functions.

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Bringing Sales Success to Distribution Sales Teams


Are you considering selling through distribution partners or do you already?  These arrangements can bring both huge benefits and daunting challenges.  If you’re new to the game, it’s really important to know what you’re getting into and seek expert advice.  What are some considerations in selecting distribution partners?  What matters most to success in sales through distribution? 

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Five Factors Creating Elite Sales Mindsets


 John Asher interviews Kyla O’Connell, senior sales trainer and coach for Asher Strategies about Sales Training Reinforcement Techniques.  She relates the five factors that create an elite mindset for successful sales execution. 

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Aligning Sales and Marketing Strategy and Execution to Optimize Growth


One of the most difficult and enduring challenges business leaders face is misalignment of sales and marketing. And Brian Beveridge knows how to fix this. Even if you have winning talent and winning solutions, if you can’t get your sales and marketing strategy and execution working seamlessly you’re missing out on money. 

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Commercial Video: How Your Story Makes Money


Do you know that customer relationships can start in less than a minute on a five-inch phone screen?  It begins with a story.  Your story.  If buying behavior can start this fast and wide, how can you be sure you’re sending the right information? 

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Boost Your Sales Career by Adopting the Mindset of an Elite Salesperson


Asher Strategies announced today the launch of Asher Sales Sense, a radio show that will feature CEO John Asher, guests and unique conversation on sales strategies. The show will air bi-weekly beginning Sept. 6, 2018.

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