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How Digital Transformation is Disrupting Government Information Support Solutions


Every organization is struggling with digital transformation, involving new and evolving technology solutions. Disruption seems to be the new normal. The business-to-government information support marketplace is particularly challenging. Government contractors must find ways to automate processes with cost-effective solutions without creating more problems than they solve. The key is to rethink, re-plan, and rebuild information environments with changes to both technologies and cultures. How do successful government contractors provide disruptive solutions that don’t disrupt the customer?

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Sales and Incentives in the New Economy


In the new economy, business leaders are challenged to find the right kind of talent and get it distributed throughout their entire organizations. The old economy featured public companies offering products, lengthy careers, talent at the top, long-range plans, and annual performance reviews. The new economy features private companies offering services, composite careers, talent throughout, fast-moving markets, and performance reviews on demand. It’s a seismic shift that requires the most out of sales professionals. How are you going to compensate them? How are you going to make them happy and keep them?

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Using Cognitive Biases to Positively Influence Sales Prospects.


The sales process has been with us since before recorded history. It has been surveyed, examined, distilled, analyzed, and assessed. It would seem we’ve identified all we need to know about how sellers and buyers meet and agree. And yet, research into the human condition shows that ancient elements in sales processes are more deeply rooted than we previously thought.

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Creating Urgency: How to Get Customers to Take Action Faster


Buyer indecision can kill your sales.  Research organizations from Gartner to Forrester indicate sales cycles are getting longer and more complex, and this is creating stress for sales organizations and salespeople.  Why do customers procrastinate in making buying decisions, and what can you do about it?

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Goal Setting for Results: Close Deals Faster


It’s now one-third of the way into 2019.  How are you coming along on those personal and professional goals you set for yourself at the first of the year? Not so great, huh?  Well, you’re not alone. Few of us make real progress on our goals because we don’t set ourselves up for success. We ignore the process and leave the content in the wish list.

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Using NLP to Get The Prospect to Pull The Trigger - A Podcast with Ramzy Ayachi & John Asher


Have you ever heard of neuro-linguistic programming, commonly referred to as NLP? Neuro stands for brain, linguistic refers to language, and programming is how neural language functions.

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Getting Breakthrough Sales Growth with Fractional Sales Leaders


Finding your new year’s sales projections already flatter than you hoped for?  Doing all you know how to do with the personnel and financial resources?  Maybe it’s time to get some outside help.  Everything is easier if you know how and the upcoming Asher Sales Sense Podcast might just be the answer you’ve been looking for to help you accelerate your sales.

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Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming to Close Deals Faster


For 2019, salespeople will have both challenge and opportunity. The challenge is meeting that ever-increasing sales goal. The opportunity is a chance to reinvent yourself into a super salesperson. Have you ever heard of neuro-linguistic programming, commonly referred to as NLP? Neuro stands for brain, linguistic refers to language, and programming is how neural language functions.

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Bringing Sales Success to Distribution Sales Teams


Are you considering selling through distribution partners or do you already?  These arrangements can bring both huge benefits and daunting challenges.  If you’re new to the game, it’s really important to know what you’re getting into and seek expert advice.  What are some considerations in selecting distribution partners?  What matters most to success in sales through distribution? 

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Five Factors Creating Elite Sales Mindsets


 John Asher interviews Kyla O’Connell, senior sales trainer and coach for Asher Strategies about Sales Training Reinforcement Techniques.  She relates the five factors that create an elite mindset for successful sales execution. 

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