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Is the Phone Still Relevant in Today’s Sales Process?

Darryl Praill on John Asher's Asher Sales Sense


The telephone has reemerged as a vital sales communication channel. Now more than ever, people now want to talk with each other. And we are “Zoomed Out.” Salespeople no longer need to feel they might be intruding. Prospects are answering their phones knowing that you might be a stranger and you might want to sell them something. When they answer, they allow you to interrupt their lives. The key is not whether you should make the call- it’s what are you going to say after they say hello?

How should people be engaged when they answer the phone? Is it better to leave a
voicemail or not? When should salespeople use the phone? Where in the sales funnel is the phone most important? What is the math for a good sales phone call? And what are two big ideas about phones that will make you a better salesperson and increase your success rate? Listen in to learn the answers to these questions so you can pick up that phone and close deals faster.



Asher Sales Sense is hosted by John Asher and Kyla O’Connell of ASHER Strategies which is a program on the Funnel Radio Channel.  ASHER Strategies is the sponsor of ASHER Sales Sense. 

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Shift Your Mind

Shift Your Mind - Brian Levenson on with John Asher

You are a super-prepared salesperson.  You’ve acquired deep knowledge of your products, your markets, your customers – even your competition. In doing so, you’ve placed yourself well ahead of many salespeople who don’t put in the time to be a knowledge giant. Now comes the moment when you launch toward new sales. Will you be able to shift into performance mode like the sales athlete you could be? Or will you settle  for so-so results and waste all that preparation?

This Asher Sales Sense Podcast – “Shift Your Mind” - features host John Asher with guest Brian Levenson, founder of Strong Skills, which provides executive coaching and mental performance coaching and consulting to elite organizations, performers and leaders He has worked with CEOs, professional athletes and teams in the NBA, NHL, and MLS, Division 1 athletic departments, the Federal Reserve, Department of Homeland Security, and many other organizations.

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Developing an eCommerce Strategy is Easier than Ever


eCommerce revenues have grown remarkably over the last decade and in the current environment, online purchases are accelerating exponentially.  According to eCommerce experts, shoppers are spending at least a third of their budgets online.  There are expected to be over two billion digital buyers by the end of next year.  What is your company doing about this?  Do you think eCommerce is too difficult?  Too expensive?  Not a good fit for your products and services?

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The Purpose of a Salesperson


In 2019 the Business Roundtable, with the support of nearly 200 CEOs, redefined the purpose of a corporation from serving shareholders to promoting an economy that serves all Americans.

The goal was to encourage businesses to reflect the way corporations can and should operate. Because without sales there is no business, this should be affecting how we view salespeople and how they view themselves. Yet if someone was asked how a salesperson should operate to achieve their purpose, the answer most likely would simply be: “Sell.”

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What Small Business Leaders Can Learn from Billion-Dollar Entrepreneurs


As a small business owner or leader, you’ve got your hands full. You’ve built the company up to where it’s successful, but you’re having trouble breaking through to the next level. You’re spending so much time on budget and personnel issues that your long-range plan is just to try to the end of the week. You feel all alone because you can’t talk to anyone about it. And you’re not sleeping. Wouldn’t it be great to hear advice from business leaders who were in the same place you are and now have billion-dollar enterprises?

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How to Make the Decision to Sell Through Distribution – 11 Minute Podcast with Andrew Chisholm


Are you considering selling through distribution partners? It’s important to know what you’re getting into and hear expert advice before you make a decision. This program is for Presidents and Sales Managers.

What matters most to success in sales through distribution? What skill sets do you look for in distributor sales teams? How do you set the terms of the relationships? What motivates distributor sales reps?  And how can you and your products and services stand out in this environment?  Find out the answers to these questions and more from Andrew Chisholm, CEO, and Founder of OurGumption, on the November 29th Asher Sales Sense podcast: ‘Bringing Sales Success to Distribution Sales Teams'.

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The Neuroscience of Leading High-Performance Sales Teams


As a sales leader, the pressure is always on you to get the most out of your team. Even more so in this worrisome environment. But you’ve embraced the optimistic words that adversity can be opportunity. You’ve come up with ideas to help your sales team pivot from dead in the water to full speed ahead, yet you aren’t so sure how to roll them out to your dispirited and concerned sales team members. Consider this. Learning more about neuroscience factors influencing the acceptance or rejection of change can help you lead your sales team to success – even in trying times.

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Seven Elements of Crazy Good Online Sales Training


Online training has been around since we’ve all been online. Many of us are familiar with stodgy online corporate compliance training – all the things we shouldn’t do in business – and crushingly boring online technical training – all the things we need to get right. Online sales training courses – the essentials to growing business – have been in the mix since the beginning and there are a few good ones out there. Now more than ever businesses who want to stay positioned for success could use first-rate online sales training. What does it take to make online sales training most effective? Can it be as good as in-person sales training courses? How?

The April 2nd Asher Sales Sense Podcast is “Seven Elements of Crazy Good Online Sales Training” with John Asher. John is the CEO of Asher Strategies, a Washington DC-based business providing sales advisory services to clients from startups to Fortune 500 companies. In his US Navy career, John was a submarine commander and manager of a $2 billion combat systems program. In his second career, he co-founded an engineering services company that grew at a compound rate of 42% for 14 straight years. John and his current enterprise provide sales aptitude assessments, sales training, and sales process improvement workshops globally. John is the author of Close Deals Faster and The Neuroscience of Selling, available through Amazon.

This Asher Sales Sense session covers John Asher’s explanation of seven elements essential to being a good sales trainer, how these key elements stack up in both in-person and online sales courses, and a creative approach combing live webinars, demonstrations, online skills, progress reviews and live feedback to give salespeople the tools they need to close deals faster.

Tune in on April 2nd to learn how online sales training can be crazy good.

John Asher’s Third Factor for Success for an Elite Salesperson 6 Minute Podcast


Are product knowledge, personality, and persistence enough to make an elite salesperson?  Not really. Without sales skills, well-meaning but skill-less salespeople will flounder. In the episode, John Asher talks about the need to have superior skills, ten of them in fact, to be an elite salesperson.

This program is an extract from the March 5th Asher Sales Sense Podcast is “Five Factors for Success in Sales: The Secrets to Becoming an Elite Salesperson” with John Asher.

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How to Build a Rejection-Proof Sales Mindset


What’s a key difference between elite salespeople, the ones getting the lion’s share of contracts, and average salespeople? Natural aptitude? Certainly. Training? Of course. But then why do so many gifted and experienced salespeople miss their sales goals? The same way gifted and experienced professional athletes fail to win. Their heads get in the way. What if you could get “unstuck” from good and achieve greatness?

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