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Aligning Sales and Marketing Strategy and Execution to Optimize Growth



One of the most difficult and enduring challenges business leaders face is misalignment of sales and marketing. And Brian Beveridge knows how to fix this. Even if you have winning talent and winning solutions, if you can’t get your sales and marketing strategy and execution working seamlessly you’re missing out on money.  While these challenges vary some between Enterprise and SMB markets, there are key steps business leaders can take to make substantial impact toward revenue growth. With decades of experience in this arena, Brian has key recommendations for how you can have immediate results to boost sales and crush your competition. Tune in to “Asher Sales Sense” November 1 at 3PM Eastern on to hear John Asher talk with Brian Beveridge of Beveridge Consulting about “Aligning Sales and Marketing Strategy and Execution to Optimize Growth.

Brian Beveridge - Advisor, Facilitator and Coach

Dedicated to Improving Leadership Performance and Outcomes

Principal and Strategic Advisor - Beveridge Consulting

Beveridge Consulting brings over 30-years of experience spanning sales, marketing and operations management functions at early-stage, mid-market and enterprise organizations interacting on the front-lines with customers, partners and executives to diagnose, recommend and initiate appropriate actions to improve revenue growth and the customer experience across a variety of commercial verticals.

We advise B2B/B2B2C commercial companies on how best to align and optimize sales + marketing strategies, resources and execution in order to increase direct and channel-partner revenue through modern, repeatable and measurable actions. From a current-state assessment of sales + marketing strategy, to the execution phases of marketing campaigns and field deployment to sales, we provide the connected-tissue between sales and marketing to bridge the gap in these critical revenue-generating functions so clients can focus on their core competencies.

Chair – Vistage Peer Advisory Board

For more than 60 years, Vistage has been bringing together executives in a confidential peer setting where they can candidly discuss operational, financial, legal, structural or even personal challenges. The powerful group dynamic gives each member access to a wealth and diversity of experience and advice dedicated to achieving one another’s success. As a Vistage Chair, I have the privilege of stewarding a private advisory group of successful CEOs, business owners and key executives to help them improve the performance and outcomes of their businesses.

Commercial Video: How Your Story Makes Money



Do you know that customer relationships can start in less than a minute on a five-inch phone screen?  It begins with a story.  Your story.  If buying behavior can start this fast and wide, how can you be sure you’re sending the right information?  The next episode of the Asher Sales Sense podcast features John Carter, founder of the Potomac Digital Group, being interviewed by John Asher.  In producing over 1,000 successful commercial video campaigns for websites and smartphones, Potomac Digital has uncovered the best ways to stimulate buyer engagement with audiences.  What’s the DNA of your company?  How do you turn your website into a sellsite?  What’s the most effective way to wrap your narrative into buyer-attractive video?  Tune in to “Commercial Video: How Your Story Makes Money” on the Asher Sales Sense podcast Thursday October 4th at 3PM Eastern.

About our guest: John Carter, Founder, Potomac Digital Group

How do we compress sales cycles and create engagement in 1 minute? With over 1,000 scripted productions and campaigns for B2B, B2C, DoD, GOV and Non-Profits, we've realized relationships often start on a 5" screen - your phone. Storytelling that drives buying behavior starts with the script and we start scripts with the following:

If more of your market (state your primary market) only knew _____ about your products and services, they would buy or engage with you.  

Whether we are doing a simple interview or using multiple locations to tell a story we always remember that buyers will remember the product or subject matter when it is wrapped in a narrative. Humans process a motion picture/video story thousands of times faster than reading. They also make buying decisions on smartphones which are perfect for video. Why ask them to read at 200 WPM when you can show them on their own handheld TV screen?

Boost Your Sales Career by Adopting the Mindset of an Elite Salesperson



Asher Strategies announced today the launch of Asher Sales Sense, a radio show that will feature CEO John Asher, guests and unique conversation on sales strategies. The show will air bi-weekly beginning Sept. 6, 2018.

The shows will be available on for people to listen in on the latest episode.

“Helping companies transform their sales strategy has been my passion for the last 20 years and discussing trends and interviewing experts during the shows will continue this journey,” said John Asher, CEO.

The first show airing on Sept. 6 will be an interview with Kyla O’Connell, senior sales trainer and coach for Asher Strategies about Sales Training Reinforcement Techniques. Techniques Asher provides include action item follow up from training courses, Asher videos, Close Deals Faster, a book written by John Asher, customized webinars, coaching and access to the Asher Virtual Academy, which will be available soon.

Additional episodes are scheduled for Sept. 20, Oct. 4 and Oct. 18 and recurring every other Thursday.

Tune in to hear and learn about techniques, strategies, problem solving and how to close deals faster. Be sure to share what you have learned on social media and tag Asher Strategies to continue to learn more.

About Asher Strategies

Asher Strategies is a full-service sales advisory service firm based in Washington, DC with global reach, focused on improving sales for companies selling to other business and the government. Asher has assessed the aptitude of over 50,000 salespeople, trained over 80,000 salespeople and facilitated hundreds of sales and marketing process improvement workshops. For more information visit