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Account Based Marketing in Challenging Times


You’re working remotely during this interruption of normal business transactions. Instead of dashing to strategy sessions and prospect meetings and spending hours in transit, you are either staring at your computer screen or cleaning out closets. A better use of this bonus time would be to relook at how you are connecting with your customers. Perhaps you should consider Account-Based Marketing (ABM) to adjust to market realities. ABM turns the traditional funnel upside down and is delivering higher ROI than most other forms of marketing. Come hear why everyone is talking about Account-Based Marketing.

The April 16th Asher Sales Sense Podcast, “Account-Based Marketing in Challenging Times,” with host Kyla O’Connell features Gail Walls, Senior Funnel Management and ABM Certified Strategist at Communica, a full-service advertising, marketing and PR firm in Columbus, Ohio.

What’s a precise definition of Account-Based Marketing? What’s an example of how it can be used? Is this a complete shift of strategy in terms of sales and marketing campaigns? What’s the data on success rates? Is there a typical process to develop an ABM strategy? Tune in on April 16th to hear Gail Walls answer these and other questions and find out why ABM just might be your company’s certain play for these uncertain times.

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